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     Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. is the first Military Greek-Letter organization, the first of its kind. We cater exclusively to the men of the U.S. Armed Forces and was founded by Veterans both Active Duty and Retired. Significantly, unlike collegiate Greek-Letter organizations, most of our members have previously received their college and professional degrees at the time of acceptance into the fraternity. As brothers, we are dedicated to upholding our 3 profound objectives set forth by our founders: The Promotion of Fidelity, Development of Wisdom, and Encouragement of High Ambition.

     As a new and budding organization Kappa Lambda Chi hopes to establish chapters on every U.S military installation & in local communities throughout the world. Founded on July 4th of 2013 and incorporated a month later, Kappa Lambda Chi has already begun our first expansion project. We now have chapters throughout the East Coast, Southeast, Midwest, West and now Hawaii.  Our brotherhood can be seen in almost all 50 states, overseas as well as at sea.

     Being a strong and enduring brotherhood we were established on the fundamental beliefs of respect for ourselves and each other, having a strong sense of trust and loyalty, as well as embracing honesty and integrity while striving for excellence in all we do. Our commitment to these ideals serves as the basis of our fraternity.

     On June 27th 2015, the National Leadership of Kappa Lambda Chi Miltery Fraternity Inc. appointed five brothers to became the founders of Chapter Nu and see to it's future progression and support provided to the local communities: 

Chapter Nu Founders
  1. Executive Director
    Bro Biggs
    Co. Fonder
  2. Co. Founder
    Bro. Maxam
    Divison Chief
    Co Founder
  3. Executive Director
    Bro. Orpheus
    Co. Fonder
  4. Executive Director
    Bro Moses
    Co. Founder
  5. Co.Founder
    Bro SAMSON
    Vice President